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rassilon and omega

(PROSE: The Multi-Faceted War), According to Faction Paradox-influenced transmissions from Anathema, during the war, Rassilon had been exposed to vampire biodata in what he described as inoculation. He consulted Borusa on his plan, who told him it would succeed. Rassilon was badly hurt by one last attack by the Master, the other survivor, out of vengeance once he realised that Rassilon had deliberately driven him mad and destroyed his life. differences appear the TV series will alway trump any other source. However, the Doctor was only willing to speak directly to Rassilon himself. It was then that, just as the Doctor predicted, that the Cybermen betrayed Rassilon, intending to rewrite reality to their design. The Doctors were returned to their travels, (TV: The Five Doctors) and, with Rassilon's blessing, Flavia became the new President of the High Council, returning to the old traditions by obtaining an intelligent cat to act as her advisor, whom she decided to name "Doctor". Conspiring to start again, Rassilon ordered the capture of several Time Lords, wiring them into looms to harvest their regeneration energy into the Eye of Harmony, through which he would mould a new reality in his own likeness. In the Irish side story, we see Brendan as the incarnation of The Doctor/TC. Their original body had dark hair. THE HISTORY OF THE TIME LORDS PART I: THE DARK TIME, THE HISTORY OF THE TIME LORDS PART II: THE TIME OF LEGEND, THE HISTORY OF THE TIME LORDS PART III: MIDDLE GALLIFREY, THE HISTORY OF THE TIME LORDS PART IV: PRE-CLASSICIAL GALLIFREY, Azmael, Prydonian Academy, and the Schism, THE HISTORY OF THE TIME LORDS PART V: CLASSICIAL GALLIFREY, The Fourth Doctor and the Dalek Intervention, The Silver Devastation of Entropy and the Fifth Doctor, End of the Curse and Return of Lungbarrow, THE HISTORY OF THE TIME LORDS PART VI: PRE-WAR GALLIFREY, Gallifrey's Coalition of the Temporal Powers, THE HISTORY OF THE TIME LORDS PART VII: THE LAST GREAT TIME WAR IN HEAVEN, The Battles of Dronid and Mutter's Cluster, The Ninth Wave and the Fall of Faction Paradox, The Daleks Revealed and the Return of Rassilon, THE HISTORY OF THE TIME LORDS PART VIII: THE POST WAR ERA, DOCTOR WHO - THE CHILDREN THAT TIME FORGOT, The Science Fiction and Telefantasy Databanks, Comics and other Licensed reference sources. (PROSE: Pandoric's Box, The Legacy of Gallifrey), While in the Matrix, Rassilon took on different appearances. Founders of Gallifrey He then tried to force Romana to resign in favour of Zagreus, believing that this would ensure the destruction of the Divergence. (PROSE: Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible) A mere Gallifreyan, they had two hearts and other such organs which guaranteed them a lifetime of "300 years or so", but did not yet possess regeneration. Ruling the High Council (and the Supreme Council) is the Triumvirate: Rassilon, Omega, and the Other. He did this to obtain the Ring of Rassilon and unlock his Foundry. (PROSE: Christmas on a Rational Planet, The Book of the War), Jealous of his power over the Eye of Harmony, Tussan's all-Arcalian Gallifreyan Council attempted to force an aging Rassilon into retirement, offering him a pension and a honorary, but powerless, seat on the opposition council in exchange for the Great Key and Sash necessary to access the Eye. He then placed the device in the Omega Arsenal for safe keeping. (PROSE: The Scrolls of Rassilon) He also discovered how to become immortal without having to use regenerations to survive, but believed that the secret was too dangerous to share, and thus kept it to himself, (TV: The Five Doctors) and instituted the non-interference policy after dreaming of a future Time Lord empire that used its power to suppress the weak of the universe. (PROSE: Goth Opera), As the Time Lords banished the last fragment of impossibility from the universe, Rassilon said: "Now, see what we have created, we have built a world of reason triumphant. Rassilon did nothing, to try and save his friend, as … hesitate to let me know. (PROSE: Lords and Masters) He also retro-evolved dozens of Time Lords to become a possibility engine to aid him in victories throughout the War, creating the discarded race of the Interstitials and succeeding with Borusa. The Eye would act as a power source for all of Gallifrey, and as a cornerstone in Time. for the expanded universe of Doctor Who beyond just the TV episodes, There, the Doctor held him alone responsible for the crimes of the Last Great Time War, and for his treatment in his confession dial. And it is good." Disclaimer: I have no intention of infringing on anybody's ideas or property. (COMIC: Supremacy of the Cybermen). (TV: The End of Time), Rassilon's battle with the Master caused him to regenerate, (PROSE: Pandoric's Box) reportedly because the Master "shoved White Point Stars down his throat". (TV: Heaven Sent, Hell Bent) On his escape, the Doctor finally returned to Gallifrey. (COMIC: Star Death), Their second incarnation was younger and fair-haired. property, or the copyrights of any of the above franchises, I only wish (TV: Doctor Who, PROSE: The Novel of the Film), Many important Gallifreyan artefacts bore their name, with Rassilon imbuing the items with powers to protect their legacy and enhance Rassilon's own mystique. I Unfortunately, Omega got sucked into an alternate universe that was made of anti-matter. The best thing to come out of creating this website was meeting the wonderful woman who became my wife! the TV series (new and old), Novels, Audios, and numerous reference Rassilon charged the contemporous Trave with his future self’s crimes and had him publicly executed. (AUDIO: Time War: Volume Two), In the early days of the Last Great Time War, Rassilon was resurrected from his tomb in the Dark Tower in the Death Zone to lead the Time Lords to battle. Despite Rassilon's best efforts, the Twelfth Doctor managed to return to Gallifrey where he confronted the Cyber-President. Rassilon is 1st President of the High Council and sits upon the Kasterborian Throne. As the name implies, a good site for Doctor Who pictures from the Classic and early New Who era. Little is known of The Other, but there have long been theories that The Other is an incarnation of The Doctor. The cat who had helped authorise Rassilon's experiments betrayed Tussan and joined his side. The General himself stated that, while Rassilon eventually became corrupt, they were once "a good man". After General Trave’s future self arrived on Gallifrey to warn the past of Rassilon’s regime leading to Gallifrey's downfall. Once the Doctor and the General had been taken prisoner, Rassilon wired the latter into a loom before he explained his plan to a horrified Doctor. (TV: Hell Bent) At some point afterwards, Rassilon was taken to the Death Zone by Pandoric to offer advice to his former self in whether to use the Galaxy Eater to destroy the Nestenes. After the device's interface gave him a brief encounter with several of his future selves, Rassilon activated the device and destroyed the Nestenes in the Illia galaxy. (PROSE: The Book of the War) Rassilon solved the problem by creating the Great Houses and building the Looms that artificially birthed new Time Lords. Rassilon swore she’d see the traveller again one day. The people of Gallifrey had learnt the secret of time travel, but to make it a reality they required a colossal source of energy. (at least on this planet). Another version of it can be found. Email Marnal Gate at (PROSE: The Legacy of Gallifrey), A secret account buried deep in the Matrix was found by the Master however, which stated that these commonly-cited origins of regeneration were mere propaganda to conceal the fact that the secret had actually been extracted before the discovery of time travel and the foundation of Time Lord society, taken from an innocent child found on an off-world expedition by the Shobogan explorer Tecteun. (PROSE: The Legacy of Gallifrey), The creation of the Time Lords' time travel's power source caused the apparent death of Omega as he fell into the black hole, (TV: The Three Doctors) while Rassilon comfortably sat at the control console of the mast on Gallifrey, which would receive the power Omega helped channel. (AUDIO: Intervention Earth), The copy of Rassilon within the Matrix. When the signal led to the Siege of Trenzalore, Rassilon continued to wait for the Doctor's signal until Clara Oswald alerted him and the Time Lords to the Doctor's inability to regenerate and that the Daleks were preparing to kill him. Borusa first sent two of his own High Council into the Death Zone, Thalia and Zorac, but they were struck down by bursts of psychic energy converted into elemental weaponry that resembled lightning bolts, fired by Rassilon himself from the astral plane of the Matrix. (COMIC: Star Death), Improving on Omega's mathematics to succeed in creating a supernova, (PROSE: A Brief History of Time Lords) Rassilon had the mast renamed the Eye of Harmony and buried beneath he floor of the Capitol, locked away with a Great Key. One such enemy was Count D'if and his Cybock Imperium. Fearing this future, he created a self-replicating, biogenic molecule which he sent back in time to seed all habitable planets in Gallifrey's galaxy. (COMIC: The Final Chapter), When manifesting in his tomb, they had the face of their final incarnation with mutton-chops. Timothy Dalton Founder of the Arcalian Chapter, before the Omega Crises he was very academic and focused on technology. Free delivery for many products! The Twelfth Doctor claimed that it was that moment that the Gallifreyans first began to fear their president. His ego grew ever more, so much so that he redecorated the Panopticon with statues of his former incarnations, openly proclaiming that the Time Lords "[belonged] to [him]". Yes. Rassilon's plan was foiled by the Doctor, who stole Borusa and the Tear of Isha, using Borusa to wipe the Daleks from the Tantalus Eye without killing all life around it. (Main article: Omega) Omega (pre-revolution name Peylix) is largely considered the second-most significant founder of Gallifrey, and is also considered the first Time Lord by many. (COMIC: Supremacy of the Cybermen), In one alternate timeline, Rassilon failed to finish the Eye of Harmony before his death and Gallifrey never achieved time travel. (PROSE: A Brief History of Time Lords), These included the Sash of Rassilon, the Rod of Rassilon, (TV: The Deadly Assassin) the Coronet of Rassilon, the Harp of Rassilon, (TV: The Five Doctors) the Crown of Rassilon, (TV: The Invasion of Time) and the Seal of Rassilon, a symbol used as a mark of Time Lord authority which appeared as a motif in many Time Lord designs. According to one account, Rassilon was initially a boy, (PROSE: The Legacy of Gallifrey) however another account claimed that Rassilon's first incarnation was in fact a woman with dark skin. (PROSE: A Brief History of Time Lords), The Tomb of Rassilon in the Dark Tower. The seal of Rassilon then became a key piece of iconography on Voga. (AUDIO: Zagreus). (PROSE: The Book of the War), Yet another alleged that Rassilon first earned himself a seat on the High Council by advocating for the abolition of the Games in the Death Zone and the banning of the Time Scoop, and only later became President. (AUDIO: Omega) Another account stated that Rassilon instead had personally deactivated Omega's protective forcefield remotely seconds before the star's detonation. However, while the Doctor's exile was lifted, Pandad IV declined the offer to go public, feeling that widespread knowledge of the CIA would risk lessening the population's faith in the Presidency. Rassilon was, alongside Omega and the Other, the Founders of Galifrey and of Time Lord civilisation. (PROSE: The Quantum Archangel), Rassilon created the Alliance of Races (COMIC: Gangland) in a war against the Hyperions. On Susan's return to Gallifrey from 1963 Shoreditch, Rasmus informed Susan that Rassilon wished to meet with her. Greetings. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Eaglemoss Doctor Who figurine collection - #15: OMEGA & Rassilon (damaged) at the best online prices at eBay! Possibly due to being influenced by Missy, Rassilon came to believe that the Twelfth Doctor held the information he desired. He ordered Mantus to exile Romana and Narvin and shut down the Celestial Intervention Agency absorbing it into the IDU. (PROSE: The Legacy of Gallifrey) This Time Lord messenger allowed the Third Doctor to anticipate the Master's attack of Earth with the help of the Nestene Consciousness. Rassilon had also grown in his pettiness, vaporising the Partisan for speaking against his desire to continue the Time War, and taunting the Tenth Doctor with how "the final act of [his] life [would be] murder" after a failed attempt to fool the Doctor into an alliance with him. His regeneration was broadcast across Gallifrey, increasing his influence over the Time Lords. It had the ability to turn stars into supernovas in order to fuel Gallifreyan time travel. This outraged Rassilon, as it broke the regulations he had put in place to avoid all powers being concentrated in any other individual but himself. (PROSE: Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible), Rassilon threatens Fenris the Hellbringer. menu will show you the source of each color. He was saved by Jorus, a Vogan. Omega (left), Tecteun (middle) and Rassilon (right): "the FIRST Time Lords", a promotional image released by the BBC in 2020.

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